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This page is the go to page for all info on my tours as it’s the only medium I personally can update and control. Some ad sites have different rates on them. This is sometimes out of my control.

Because my website is under the jurisdiction of Queensland when it comes to sex work advertising laws: my touring page – even though it is aimed at States where the laws differ – I must comply with Queensland laws. This being said – it means I cannot describe my services offered on this page or any other page of my website. Please sms or email me for full service descriptions xox

 SMS is best! 0437 728 185


Light Full Service – just enough to put a smile on your face & a skip in your step: 30mins: $140, 1hr: $240, 2hrs: $480, 3hrs: $700

Girlfriend Experience – think one night stand, raw sexual energy & passion: 30mins: $240, 1hr: $400, 2hrs: $700, 3hrs: $900


Simple Slide is an easy sensual exotic relaxation: 30mins: $100, 1hr: $160
Premium Slide is a naughty deluxe exotic relaxation: 30mins: $180, 1hr: $240 (with or without coconut oil or gel)

FETISH & KINK: I offer some non-hardcore fetish & kink services for those wanting to explore in a safe and loving environment. Please contact me to negotiate.


My Specialty as I’m Australia’s Longest Running & Most Experienced Nuru Provider:
Light Nuru Slide – a slippery body slide with light stress relief: : 1hour: $250
Premium Nuru Slide – slippery body slide with intimate stress relief: 1hour: $300

Nuru with Light Full Service: 75mins: $400
Nuru with Girlfriend Experience: 75mins: $600

Nuru is free with both Light or Deluxe Full Service bookings that are 2hours or longer.

What is Nuru?
Nuru is a luxurious gel product originally from Japan made from the Nori seaweed extract (but has no odor and is clear). It’s sensuality and sophistication delivers all that it promises from the gel and the accompanying service. It’s texture is unlike anything u have ever felt! It is extremely slippery – more slippery than u can believe. Nuru is not an oil – it is a gel that rinses off easily afterwards in the shower :)

So What About The Nuru Experience?
Nuru is not merely a service – it’s an experience. Performed in a warm, climate controlled environment to make sure the Nuru gel performs at it’s peak slipperiness. Wet n Wild – a patent leather sheet covers the bed during the experience and warms to your body. Do not expect the same old same old service.

To prepare for a Nuru Service – I need at least 1 to 2 hours notice as the gel and the bedroom needs much preparation for our encounter :)

Lunch or Dinner Date: 4hours total – 2hrs meal time/2hrs play time or more one or the other is good with me: $1200

Daytime Package: 8 hours – 10am til 6pm: $1500 We can spend this time indoors playing, eating, drinking champagne, watching movies in house or go to the cinema & talking at my apartment or we can go out and play tourist and you can show me your city and then we come back to my apartment to play for the rest of the day!

SMS: 0437 728 185 Please mention your location e.g. “Hobart” etc when you sms me.

note: Happy to take advance bookings or on the day bookings. With “on the day” bookings – I cannot guarantee that I will be able to accommodate you as most people book in advance for my visit to their city or town.

Deposits: $100 deposit is required for bookings 2hours or longer on tour. This is due to blocking off such a long period of time for accepting other bookings.

Advance Booking Discount: Book before I arrive in your city and receive a $50 discount off of the following services: 1hour or longer Full Services and all Nuru Services