Only Fans

We find ourselves in unusual times. With Queensland going in and out of lockdowns and covid-19 reaping absolute havoc on the adult industry, I needed to have a way to continue to earn a living.

I already had an Only Fans page since 2017 which has been moderately successful but really only had content on it that I’d created alone on it. Since then I have collaborated with a many other content creators and now have over 5500 pieces of content on my Only Fans. I share all this with you for a subscription fee of USD $6.99 a month. Only Fans will always be my primary subscriber page however you can find me on several more – to diversify my presence online:

Only Fans:


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Art Imitates Life!! See a real life person doing all sorts of naughty things. I’m not unreachable or untouchable, I’m right here. I post almost daily sometimes multiple times a day. I answer all messages (but please don’t ask about sex work or meeting up or that you have seen me as a client on Only Fans as it’s a breach of terms of service and you will lose your account)
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