November 2018

Hello! A quick update to let you all know that I’ve moved house. I am no longer in Sunnybank Hills anymore, I have moved back to Kuraby! A convenient location, not far off all the motorways north and south plus east to west!!


August 2018


I’ve been off work the last week with pneumonia. I am hoping to be back to work Thursday 30/8 or maybe Friday 31/8 but if I am not up for it – I won’t be pushing myself. Health always comes first!
February 2018


5 Tips For When You Arrive For Your Booking

  1. Best not to stand outside the front door looking intimidating. Be relaxed and have a smile ready to dazzle when I come into view. Remember I get as nervous as you are when first meeting you. Greeting a man twice my size with a scary look on his face is quite nerve wracking! People tend to look angry when they are nervous – in case you didn’t know!
  2. Walking into my home, it’s best not to try to stick your nose into every room you walk by or ask what’s behind every closed door – usually it’s personal stuff or a very messy office or personal bedroom. I know it’s commonly used as an opening topic to conversation for some people but it’s disconcerting that you may be casing my home. In the same vein, never ask me if I’m home alone. This sets off warning bells to me about my personal safety, it puts my back up and I will be guarded with you until you leave.  It makes me think that you are planning something sinister and dangerous and want to be sure that I don’t have any protection there to help me. Whether we are alone in my home is not relevant to the service being provided.
  3. Best to make payment without being asked to at the beginning of the service. A good guideline of when to pay is when you are popping your personal items down to get undressed (at my home in Sunnybank Hills) or on tour: when we have finished having drinks and are moving to the bedroom and then on outcalls: after I’ve arrived and popped my bag down and you’re handing me a drink. If I’ve declined a drink – it’s still the right time to pay. An envelope is a discreet and non-awkward idea. Non-payment of services can lead to criminal charges against the client if a service is provided and promised payment is withheld. A booking agreement is a promised payment under the law and non-payment is obtaining sex by fraud.
  4. It’s not always in your best interest to ask me if I have a boyfriend or husband because no matter the answer, this shouldn’t be a consideration in a monetary sexual encounter.
  5. Hygiene. This is the big one! If you picked your nose, patted you dog/cat on the way out of the door, picked up your car keys, locked the front door, opened your car door, closed your car door, touched your steering wheel, stopped to withdraw cash at the ATM and then arrived at my home and not washed your hands or took a shower – your hands are teeming with bacteria then you go and stick your fingers in my pussy – all that bacteria from everything you touched goes inside of my body and will cause a bacterial infection which will then cause me to have time off work with no sick pay. It’s best to at least wash your hands when you arrive even if you don’t need a shower. Sometimes though, especially in warmer temperatures, it’s recommended to just take a quick shower for all over hygiene. It only takes about 10 minutes after showering for balls to sweat and your butt crack to start to smell and I have to have my face in your crotch for a significant amount of time during our appointment. Use soap not just water on your genitals and ass crack, sweat and pee and shit smells pretty bad and it’s hard to keep it sexy when all I want to do is dry retch at the smell. Plus some Escorts are part Sadist, we will wipe your dick cheese on to our nipples and then bring our tits up to your mouth to suck on them – introducing the yeast bacteria to your mouth and throat. I’ve seen guys pull away from my boobs when I’ve done this. Here endeth the hygiene lesson….

5 Tips For Booking An Appointment

  1. Always say hello and give your first name so I know how to address you when and if I meet you. This also personalizes you to me, instead of being a nameless penis on the end of a random phone number.
  2. Please don’t send a dick pic or any other nude photo during the inquiry process. Good manners and etiquette go a long way towards a relaxed and comfortable encounter with me. Offensive language or referring to services by slang terms to get a “rise” out of me are always ignored. Save the dirty talk for the bedroom where we both can go nuts talking as much dirty smut as we want.
  3. Know what you want from a service and ask questions before setting up the appointment day and time. Don’t wait until you have my address to then ask if I do a particular sexual act you are looking for in the service as most clients then cancel when I say no I don’t do it – this is an inconvenient waste of time for both parties. I may have knocked back another client and missed out on earning an income.  Also delays gratification for you – you didn’t ask and you could have booked someone who does what you wanted by then and be on your way to see them.
  4. When booking the actual specific appointment time, take into account travel time and possible traffic entanglements. If you need to make a stop at the ATM, allow extra time for this as well when deciding on a time. Being late for an appointment due to poor planning and time management is not a reasonable excuse and some escorts will deduct this delayed time from your service time. I only deduct time if the person is arrogant when they arrive and make me feel like it’s somehow my fault they ran late!
  5. If your plans have changed or you are running late, a quick sms is polite and much appreciated and stops you from being blacklisted by an escort if you do a no show on her. It only takes approximately 1 minute of your time from picking up your phone to typing the sms and hitting send yet that minute buys you a second chance with an escort. We aren’t very trusting of people who didn’t show up and didn’t communicate with us who try to book a second time.

January 2018


Raised my basic services rates because if I’m going to sit here and make nothing – I want to feel good about making a  lot more of nothing! LOL

October 2017


A new month. I’m in Brisbane most of the month. I’m going through a bit of a lifestyle transformation where I am making more time for health and fitness which eats into my work hours once or twice a week but shouldn’t have a major impact on business hours. It’s been very quiet work wise recently for me anyway which is why I’ve decided to embark on a lifestyle change.

I’m off to Launceston and Hobart on the 29th October on tour. If you’re looking to see me down there, please don’t leave it too late to book as I cannot always take on the day bookings on tour. I work to a schedule that is suited to my financial goals and my physical well being. To jam pack bookings back to back into a day/night is not something I like to do as I believe it takes away from giving the best service possible to you. Sex is like going to the gym – you need down time in between for recovery so you can go hard again the next session.

A November heads up for Brisbane: as I said previously, I am taking holidays from the 25th November and I will be returning to work on the 13th of December at this point in time. I have been toying with taking all of December off as I have some personal goals I would like to achieve by the beginning of the New Year. This is something I will decide while I am away on holidays. Although I do know that people do like to see me before Christmas so this is a consideration I will take seriously in making my decision. I will keep you updated!

What I’ve been watching on tv: I watched Marvels Inhumans on the weekend. Yeah, don’t know if I’m going to like this! I’m up to season 9 of Doctor Who and yes I’m finally a fan! I stuck it out through episode I hated but finally at some point it all fell into place and I understand it lol For a bit of a change up I started watching Chesapeake Shores on Netflix – it’s a typical rich white american family dealing with their first world problems. It’s just fluff to clear my mind.

Went to the movies for my birthday last month and saw IT. Wayyyy better than the dodgy tv series they made out of that book. Finally did it some justice! Can’t wait for the next installment next year!

I’m off – I don’t work public holidays – well rarely work public holidays – occasionally I will if I have nothing else on.

Today though – I’m chasing Pokemon instead of cock! Have a great day xox

September 2017


What’s happening the next 3 months in Nikki’s world that may affect you and your planning of making a booking in Brisbane. I’m away on tour in Tasmania from the 29th October til 3rd November then I am taking holidays starting on the 24th November, returning to work on Wednesday 13th December. I don’t work Christmas Day or Boxing Day nor do I work New Years Day.

I’m also looking to pop another one or two tours in there somewhere – one to Sydney and one that is yet unplanned. If you have any suggestions of where I should tour – please let me know!


You may have noticed that I’ve been playing around with my budget service rates lately. I’ve been testing the market to see what fits best for the clients and what makes me feel comfortable offering. I’ve come to a final decision on what has worked best in the last month and have updated my rates page accordingly. I rarely get bookings for these services anyway but I like to keep them just in case someone wants a real basic sex or rubdown service. xox

July 2017


I really struggle over rates for my services on a regular basis. Today is one of those days. You see, I don’t have the overheads that many others have so I can afford to charge less but then I get judged for doing this by clients as being too cheap. Clients tend to think there is something wrong with me or that I must have fake photos to be this cheap – this is really hurtful when someone says it to me as I do put in all the effort for them with physical appearance, lingerie & clothing, photography and other bits n pieces that go into this business. Can you believe they actually do ask “What’s wrong with you? Why so cheap?” Makes me want to run a higher flat rate and make everyone pay the same for all the services instead of catering to budgets and services desired. Some clients only want a basic exotic relaxation or full service and only want to pay lower $$’s whereas others want all sorts of inclusions and kinks in their time so I created a service for that that’s slightly higher – adjusting the rate for the energy expended and preparation and clean up time. I think that’s pretty fair? I don’t know. If you have any suggestions about what’s fair – send me an email or an sms: 0437 728 185 Also like on touring – where it costs at least $1000 a tour to stay in another city for a few days – should I be charging more than my Brisbane rates? I am so conflicted!



June 2017

I thought a good start to my Musings page was to copy all the tweets that happened on Twitter this week when I answered the viral “Get To Know Me” tweet that was going around.


1. Lost my virginity at 16 to my best friends brother doggy style on her beanbag while she was at work & a Mad Max movie rerun was on the tv.
2. I’ve never had children because I have a paralysing fear of pregnancy & childbirth.
3. I’ve been self employed in one business or another since 1989 even when I worked for an employer between 90 & 96 I still owned a business.
4. I’m a reformed smoker. 6 years off them but I don’t preach to other people about quitting.
5. I learned to drive in a 4 speed XC falcon V8 with a double clutch!
6. I had my first genuine personal lesbian experience in Las Vegas with an off the clock co-ho after a night out on the town.
7. Obesity genetically runs in my family and I find it a battle to fight it. That’s why I fluctuate up and down in weight.
8. I shoot a gun very well.
9. I’ve always wished I could be an elegant courtesan but I’m too much of bogan to be one. I wouldn’t even be able to fake it!
10. The only sport I play is Pokemon Go.


12. I modelled for a VB beer calendar in a bikini on the hood of a car when I was 25yrs old.
13. In a fight or flight situation – I always stand and fight.
14. I love cruises. They’ve been the best holidays I’ve ever been on.
15. I love touring. I pretend I’m off having illicit affairs with my clients!
16. I was busted by the cops having sex in the backseat of a car with my BF. What was worse was the cop knew him! We got off with a warning.
17. Weirdest place I’ve had sex: standing-next to a dumpster in a loading bay at the Logan Hyperdome. Does that make me officially “trashy”?
18. Once escorted a presidents son. A few yrs later discovered he was a notorious con man ripped off millions of $ & is serving jail time.
19. When fart jokes stop being funny – I don’t want to live anymore!
20. I’ve been a govt licensed brothel manager for 11 years as a side gig. I don’t really like the work but I like hanging out with the SW’s!
21. I sing in the car – badly
22. I’ve only ever had one MMF threesome and it was awesome! So awesome I don’t want to do another in case it disappoints!
23. I’ve worked for a pimp (briefly) and I liked it!
24. I truly believe in karma.
25. I wish vampires were real. I totally want to be one!
26. My heart broke when peer SW’s mocked me for asking for financial help last year when I was down. I’ll never again ask for help in any way.
27. I love kayaking – I don’t do it enough! That peacefulness out on the water.
28. I collect vinyl pops. I’m trying to finish my Walking Dead and Star Wars collections.
29. I’m genuinely bisexual. I have an attraction to busty brunettes.
30. My all time favourite tv shows are Stargate Atlantis and Lost.
31. I never leave home without eye drops in my handbag as I’m one of those people who always gets shit in their eyes! Especially windy days.
32. My first car was a XD 351 Ford Fairmont Ghia and I used to race Torana’s off at the lights and kick their asses!!
33. I didn’t like champagne until a couple years ago when I got given a bottle of Veuve Cliquot and now I love it!
34. I love candy corn and those little musk pellet lollies from Candy Time. That’s a dangerous shop for me to go in to!
35. My grandmother was a survival sex worker during WW2 in England to get food clothes & money for her daughters while her hubby went to war.
36. I’ve been robbed at gun point twice.

37. I live in yoga pants (just ask ) they are the bacon of clothing!


38. I’m a witch and I practice witchcraft.
39. I don’t like my ears being licked or sucked.
40. Left school in grade 10. I hated school as I was bullied for my sister being a teacher at the same school. I got called Teachers Pet.
41. I LOVE Mi Goreng instant noodles.
42. The beach and ocean are the battery charger for my body, mind and spirit.
43. I once licked a clients bald head on impulse because it was so smooth and I just want to do that!!
44. Out of all the sexual acts (of which I’ve done many) – passionate kissing is the only one that genuinely turns me on.
45. My parents supported my choice in being a sex worker 100% from the start.
46. My favourite book and movie is Gone With The Wind.
47. At home, I never take the garbage out. I don’t do garbage and I don’t mop floors.
48. I’ve had sex with a murderer. He was a client who went on to kill several women. He was arrested and jailed. I consider myself lucky.
49. My favourite colour is purple! 💜🍆☂️😈
50. My most famous client was famous for being an extremely powerful man in the US music industry who made or broke careers.
51. I’m scared of big dogs as I was chased and attacked by a neighbours Irish setter when I was a kid.
52. When I worked in an office, I was sexually harassed more than I have been as a sex worker. The owners son used to grope me forcefully.
53. For several years now I’ve really wanted to learn how to make soap & body products.
54. I once had hypnotism done for anxiety over my mums death Another time I had a past life regression where I was a healer in ancient times.
55. I collect stamps. More specifically pre-decimal Australian stamps
56. I’m still friends with my ex fiancé 21 years on after breaking up. In fact I’m friends on Facebook with his wife!
57. I like the word Whore. It’s music to my ears 🎼
58. I like to watch a tv series at least twice. Once as it comes out week to week then binge watch all episodes after the series has ended.
60. I once took a carrot from the fridge when I was a teenager, masturbated with it, washed it and put it back in the fridge 
61. I’ve been charged by the police twice on multiple offences. Found guilty once. I didn’t do it both times 
62. I LOVE foot rubs!!
63. I rarely do the speed limit but have been quite lucky in not getting caught!
64. My right nipple is more sensitive and seems connected to my clit than my left nipple which just feels ok.
65. I hadn’t vomited in 28 years! Then last year, I spewed like the girl in the exorcist after I had my surgery 😖🤢🤣 Broke my damn run!
66. I like Valium 🤘🏻
67. I’d totally fuck Alexander Skarsgard given the chance.
68. If it itches – I scratch it. Even in public.
69. Hehehe I’m up to 69. I like 69’ers.
70. I’ve never licked a butthole.
71. I was held for many hours by the FBI at the US/Mexico border as a suspected drug trafficker. I was only border hopping to renew my visa!
72. I have a pillow fetish – so to speak. I have a compulsive need to buy a new pillow to sleep on every 6 weeks or so.
73. My first sex work job was an outcall. 2 guys – 2 sex workers – one bed! I’d never been naked in front of so many people at once before!
74. I hate wearing stockings. I’ll wear them for photos but any other time nope. They give me leg muffin top and they feel uncomfortable.
75. My biggest wish at the moment is to have at least a month off to finish writing my book.
76. I was set to marry in 1996 but he cheated on me with a SW – it’s how I became a SW I went to tell her boss off for the SW dating clients.
76 cont. and the boss and I became friends and eventually co-workers. And are still friends to this day.
77. I hate my smile. The big one with lots of teeth. I think it makes me look evil.
78. I swear a lot! Favourite curse words are fuck and cunt – usually in the same sentence a lot of the time.
79. I was the first SW to file action with ADCQ against a newspaper for discrimination against SW’s in regards to business advertising-I won
80. The first thing I bought with the first $150 earned from sex work was a watch. My “mentor” said time is money & a watch is a work tool.
81. I’m an online ordained minister. It was along time ago and I did it as a joke. I can’t even remember the name of the “church”
82. I’m currently doing a mentoring course online. I said I’d never be a mentor but I think more trained ones are needed in sex work.
83. People ask me all the time when am I going to retire? Why? There’s no age limit on sex! If people still want to see me – I’ll still work.
84. If I had a cock for a day, I’d so stick it in everything I possibly could!! Including apple pie!
85. I’m not ticklish. Really.
86. I like to be spanked. I find the sting of it that fine line between pleasure and pain.
87. I suffer from anxiety. Sometimes when I’m having anxiety it comes across like I’m a bitch when really I’m just trying to handle it.
88. I like eating icing from the container. Vanilla is my favourite. I don’t do it often though cause sugar and fat!
89. I rarely work nights because my brain is wired to think that night time is rest time. Although when I do work nights – I enjoy it!
90. I have only one sexual fantasy left. Sex with someone who is all woman up top & all man down below. My sexual life will be complete then.
91. I wish pro pics hadn’t become a “thing” for this industry. Every pic I’m in I look like I have constipation. I’m not a good model lol
92. When it comes to food, I hate: cucumber, capsicum, Indian food, Thai food, oysters, most fish, liver – anything organ like & spam.
93. When it comes to sex positions, I like: doggy, woman on top, reverse cowgirl, variations of missionary and my own signature position.
94. Back to food, I like: pasta, cake, chicken, rice, Mexican, burgers, calamari, some salads, prawns, avocado, bacon, bacon & bacon, eggs.
95. Back to sex, I hate: an amateur doing pornstar doggy position, licking your fingers after touching my pussy, spitting, stiff tongue dfk.

96. I’ve never owned a pair of Louboutins. Probably never will unless someone buys them for me.

98. I changed my real name by deed poll in 2000. I was already living under the new name but hadn’t legally changed it.
99. I get road rage in supermarkets walking behind people who are oblivious to others around them.
100. When a client sees me in public, I secretly enjoy that freaked out look they get when they realise it’s me!  Makes me laugh.
101. I LOVE the Harry Potter movies! Seen them many times.
102. As a child, I was stalked by a man as I walked home from school. He frightened me terribly. I’d always thought my dad had gone and >
>102. told him to stop it but I found out later in life when I talked to dad about it-he’d never talked to him-It was a story I’d told myself>
>102. The man had died and that’s how I spoke to dad about what happened – how he used to follow me home from school.
103. I dressed as Boy George for a high school dance dress up nigh.
104. I have a secret girl crush on………… I’m not telling – it’s a secret!! 😉🤐
105. Hugs make me feel warm, happy, comforted and safe. A hug is the most considerate thing you can give another person.

106. My life will always be dedicated to the sex industry and though many men share my bed only one man holds my heart

108. Note: the blood on the tampons was beef blood. And I hung out the sunroof wearing a ski mask when I did it LOL
109. My first job was as a “Tea & Tidy” girl at a local hair salon in Rochedale on Saturday mornings.

110. I got “the cuts” from my primary school principal for telling a teacher to fuck off. (Cuts is hits across the hand with a bamboo stick)

112. I’ve never had anal sex with a client. I don’t like any anal cause I worry about poop coming out. I’ve used toys on guys & there’s always poop.
113. I’m addicted to: sleeping, summer, bacon, Netflix, water – drinking, bathing & swimming, swearing, money, cats, orgasms, cake & books.
114. I had heaps of work names before settling on Nikki. Heather, Summer, Crystal, Jo, Angel, Taylor-this name got me in trouble with bikies.
115. I did jury duty. I tried to get out of it by saying I was a sex worker – the one time I hoped for stigma to get released lol
116. I’m deathly afraid of heights however I’ve been on a hot air balloon excursion with a client & it was amazing & I wasn’t afraid at all.
117. I’m a big fan of the band Chicago. Peter Cetera’s voice moves me to tears, especially Hard Habit To Break & Glory of Love.
118. I eat in bed. I’m eating in bed right now!
120. I used to do a lot of sports: tennis, squash, netball, softball & karate. I just stopped when I got older. I don’t even recall when?
121. As a kid, I used to pick my nose til it bled. My parents didn’t know & worried. They took me to the Dr who told me to stop picking it.
122. In “real life” I’m a slob. I don’t shower or brush my hair on my days off. I don’t make my bed. I don’t fold my clothes often.
123. If I could have one super power it would have to be the ability to read minds as it would come in handy in my line of work!
124. As much as I try to be politically correct, I still make mistakes with terminology as I don’t know or understand all the terminology.
125. I don’t own an umbrella! Really wish I did on shitty days like this!
126. I missed 126!
127. The reviews that say I’m a bitch? Yeah they’re true. Be sure you know both sides of the story. I don’t dole it out unless it’s deserved.
128. I really don’t give a shit what people think about my job. I enjoy it. I chose to do it. I’m good at it. Fuck your judgey mcjudgement.
129. I don’t have a birth mark! What are birth marks anyway? Why do some people have them and some don’t? 
130. Quite a few years ago I designed lingerie for sex workers but I didn’t know how to go about getting it made so it didn’t happen.

131. I owned an ad website in 2000 called Oz Exotics. SW’s said “no clients will look at the internet over the newspapers!”
132. I also owned & ran an ugly mug site called Universal Sex Guide. On the outside it was an advice site but SW’s could login for UM info.
133. I regret leaving behind my “brand” name of Naughty Nikki for Nikki Cox-I thought I needed to grow up but business dropped when I did it