As a client – you need to understand that this is not the same industry it was a few months ago before it all closed down. You, as a consumer, now have a responsibility when seeking personal services and will need to exercise patience and transparency because sex workers face massive $13,000+ fine if compliance is not followed within the sex industries COVID safe checklist.

What is the COVID safe checklist? There is an industry wide checklist that is required for all sex work businesses & clients to follow.

Upon asking for a booking time – I will send 6 standard COVID-19 questions that you need to answer before proceeding to meeting face to face. I’m sure you’ve heard the questions before – there are no surprises in them – you are being asked everywhere you go – you are used to them.

Upon arrival for the booking, contact tracing information needs to be given by you: first and last name, phone number and email address. You’ve already given me your phone number when contacting me for the booking – so that half of it – it’s not like it’s a big drama to give a name or email – make one up for goodness sake – just remember you made one up if you’re messaged by contact tracing officials. This information is kept for 56 days.

It’s just the way it is right now until this pandemic is over. We are all in this together and we have all made adjustments to be able to keep on doing what we love to do. If you want to play – you need to step up and do what’s required. I’m doing it – I did the online course and complied within my work space because I really want to see you – it’s not all that hard to do for something you really want.

Nikki Cox

I reserve the right to refuse service to any person exhibiting signs of a possible illness.